When to Contact a Mobile Car Accident Attorney

Car accidents are fairly common and occur daily. They range from fender benders which lead to little no injuries or harm to very serious crashes causing serious injuries and even fatalities. If you were in a car crash that did not result in injuries, you can resolve the matter directly with your insurance provider and do not need to hire an attorney. But if have been unable to work because of the accident or have been severely injured, you will need to call on a mobile car accident lawyer to help protect your rights as well as possibly file a claim.

Here's a brief list of situations when you need to call upon a mobile car accident attorney immediately and when you might need an attorney to assess your case further.

Call upon an attorney right after a crash if:

A fatality or serious injury has occurred

There are several parties involved (e.g. other cars, pedestrians or property)

Fault is in doubt between the concerned parties.

The police report concludes that you're liable while you believe you aren't.

You find your insurance provider hard to handle

You've been unable to work because of the accident

Your insurer has its own lawyer

You might need an attorney immediately after your car cash to evaluate the case a little more if:

Need advice on how much your settlement is worth

Need advice about handling negotiations with your insurer

Believe that your insurance company isn't acting in your best interests
Are not aware of your rights

Are unsure about the terms in your insurance policy

Need a  Charles McCorquodale Law  professional to review your situation and paperwork

3 reasons to call on a mobile car accident attorney

Larger settlement

The most obvious benefit of using a mobile car accident attorney is that they can help you get more money. On average, the settlement sum from accident lawyers is four or five times more than what you'd receive with the help of a lawyer.

Lawyers know the law

In addition, a car accident attorney knows the laws related to your case. This is beneficial for you the victim. Those who don't use a lawyer usually are unaware of these laws and, as a result, rarely receive the full compensation they're fairly entitled. In contrast, a knowledgeable auto accident lawyer will try to ensure you receive full compensation within the law.


Lastly, dealing with a mobile car accident lawyer minimizes the stress and time involved in dealing with your case. In many cases, it may be months or even years before injury claims are resolved. An attorney not only produces faster results but also removes the hassle of dealing with the case yourself.